A nursemaid is a woman who is responsible for taking care of other people. She might be responsible for helping to take care of the children of a wealthy family, or she might be responsible for taking care of the elderly.

  • She was hired to be the nursemaid for the children.

  • The nursemaid was hired to take care of the elderly woman's needs.

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Example Sentences for nursemaid

  • 1

    The nursemaid was appalled, and informed the queen.

  • 2

    He reacts with horror to the idea of robot therapist or nursemaid.

  • 3

    Orphaned as a child, she was taken in as a nursemaid by a family in Naples.

  • 4

    Nana, the canine nursemaid, bites off the shadow of the intruder.

  • 5

    Both mother and nursemaid died to keep her safe.

  • 6

    Unseen, one of the policemen returns the baby to the nursemaid and they depart.

  • 7

    As a soft piano and cello duet plays, the Nursemaid drowns in the water.

  • 8

    Nephthys also serves as the nursemaid and watchful guardian of the infant Horus.

  • 9

    A quarter of the way up a nursemaid with a baby carriage asks to pass by.

  • 10

    She's a constant guard to Omen even going as far to be a nursemaid to him.