The word nonexistent means nonexistent. It is not a real word, and it cannot be used in a sentence.

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    Example Sentences for nonexistent

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      It's the dichotomy of existence and nonexistence.

    • 2

      The economy in Gratis is nearly nonexistent.

    • 3

      The child Parnell attempted to kidnap and molest was nonexistent.

    • 4

      Nonexistent creature from a nonexistent mythology.

    • 5

      Refers to nonexistent documentation.

    • 6

      Reliable sources are nonexistent in this article.

    • 7

      Reputations entirely clean and nonexistent.

    • 8

      Research and development are weak or nonexistent.

    • 9

      Thanks edward for the reference to nonexistence.

    • 10

      The 'nonexistance' of the communication is pure fabrication.