Nonessential items are things that you can do without. Often, this means things that are not very important or necessary.

  • The office is going to be closed on Friday because there are no essential employees available.

  • The company is closing down because there are no nonessential items left.

Definition of nonessential


not of prime or central importance


accidental, incidental


anything that is not essential



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Example Sentences for nonessential

  • 1

    The Dutch have an aversion to the nonessential.

  • 2

    The spleen is a useful but nonessential organ.

  • 3

    Nonessential amino acids are produced in the body.

  • 4

    Nutrients are frequently categorized as essential or nonessential.

  • 5

    It no longer advises against nonessential travel.

  • 6

    Cut every repetitious or nonessential word.

  • 7

    And secondly, it's nonessential bureaurcracy for the sake of bureaucracy.

  • 8

    Many of the links seem to be for advertising of nonessential sites.

  • 9

    Cdc4 can be essential, or nonessential, depending on the organism.

  • 10

    Future public opinion may render this page nonessential.