To nip something is to stop it from happening or to prevent it from becoming bigger. When you nip a problem in the bud, you stop it from getting worse.

  • The new law nips problems in the bud by forcing companies to disclose their environmental practices.

  • The new policy nips the problem of drug abuse in the bud by starting out with a small amount of drugs.

Definition of nipping


pleasantly cold and invigorating


crisp, frosty, nippy, snappy


capable of wounding


barbed, biting, mordacious, pungent

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Example Sentences for nipping

  • 1

    Pressure of the nip is variable.

  • 2

    Completely nip the problem in the bud.

  • 3

    The clamp is released and the nip rolls unlocked.

  • 4

    Are you always in the habit of nipping things in the bud

  • 5

    It is luxuriously designed from nip tip to toe.

  • 6

    It seems we have nipped the abuse in the bud.

  • 7

    That's the only way to nip wheel warring in the bud.

  • 8

    He was nipping alcohol behind his wife.

  • 9

    The mixture is pumped to the headbox and into the nip of the forming wires.

  • 10

    The movable vise is leading through the roll nip.