To say that something happens at night is to say that it happens during the nighttime. This usually means that it happens when it's dark outside.

  • The event happened at night, which is why it was so dark.

  • It's nighttime in America, which means that it's time for bed.

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    After the rankings or the nighttime chores, the Family goes to bed.

  • 2

    As well as for nighttime stands.

  • 3

    Causes of nighttime incontinence.

  • 4

    Daytime and nighttime benzos are not the same.

  • 5

    It was nighttime and very, very hot.

  • 6

    C. as a nighttime minimum temperature.

  • 7

    A big nighttime tiger, that's me.

  • 8

    The nighttime show was the syndicated Delilah.

  • 9

    This is the last day of nighttime celebration.

  • 10

    She then moved on to nighttime roles in the 1960s.