The newsworthy is something that is important or interesting enough to be reported on by the media. This usually means that the news is bad or good, but it can also mean that the news is just interesting.

  • The newsworthy event was the death of the president.

  • The newsworthy story was about a celebrity who was caught shoplifting.

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Example Sentences for newsworthy

  • 1

    Ahmadinejad's sarcastic bombast is nothing unexpected or newsworthy.

  • 2

    That's newsworthiness, not notability.

  • 3

    Newsworthy but not encyclopedic.

  • 4

    And it appears not be newsworthy.

  • 5

    They are not notable or newsworthy.

  • 6

    EVERY school is involved in a newsworthy incident, their opening is newsworthy.

  • 7

    Simply being newsworthy is not enough, no matter how newsworthy.

  • 8

    Newsworthiness isn't encyclopedic.

  • 9

    Again newsworthy, but not encyclopedic.

  • 10

    The newsworthy event was the scare.