Neutrons are the tiny particles that make up atoms. They are very important because they are the atoms' nucleus.

  • The neutron star is the most dense object in the universe, and it's made up of neutron particles.

Definition of neutrons


an elementary particle with 0 charge and mass about equal to a proton; enters into the structure of the atomic nucleus

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    The number of neutrons in a nucleus determines the isotope of the atom.

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    The 'neutron magnetic moment' is the magnetic moment of the neutron.

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    The neutron magnetic moment is the magnetic moment of the neutron.

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    It reverses the polarity of the neutron flow.

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    The antineutron is the antiparticle of the neutron with symbol.

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    A sample of the fluid mixture is irradiated with neutrons.

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    The neutron and the proton are different types of fermions.

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    The neutrons strike the nuclei and bounce off.

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    The two of you have the intellect of a neutron.

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    Neutrons are primarily scattered by the nuclei of the atoms in the structure.