To neutralize something is to make it harmless or to destroy it. When the scientists neutralized the virus, they made it harmless so that it couldn't harm the people or the animals.

  • The scientists neutralized the virus by killing all the infected cells.

  • The scientist neutralized the weapon by destroying the entire facility.

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Example Sentences for neutralized

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    The contract was neutralized.

  • 2

    The requirement is to neutralize it.

  • 3

    It is orderly and neutral in the extreme.

  • 4

    Incrimination is hardly neutral.

  • 5

    It affects the neutrality of the article.

  • 6

    It damages the neutrality of the article.

  • 7

    The flagging is entirely neutral.

  • 8

    The neutralized the acid liquid.

  • 9

    The paragraph is proportionate and neutral.

  • 10

    There's not even the pretense of neutrality.