A neurotoxic substance is a substance that can damage your brain. Some neurotoxic substances are chemicals that are used in manufacturing, and others are found in the environment.

  • The neurotoxic substance in the water is causing the fish to die.

  • The neurotoxic substance in the air is causing the people to get sick.

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    I wondered how the venom can be mainly neurotoxin.

  • 2

    Venom of this species is primarily a neurotoxin, like most Elapidae.

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    All it says is that it is a neurotoxin.

  • 4

    The mention of phenylalanine as a neurotoxin is accurate.

  • 5

    It acts as a fast acting neurotoxin in insects.

  • 6

    It behaves as a fast acting neurotoxin in insects.

  • 7

    The article never claimed it was a developmental neurotoxin.

  • 8

    They attack in colonies and kill their prey with a neurotoxin.

  • 9

    In 2005, depleted uranium was shown to be a neurotoxin in rats.

  • 10

    It is a neurotoxin which disrupts the peripheral nervous system.