Neuroticism is a personality disorder that is characterized by anxiety and mood swings. People with neuroticism are often difficult to deal with, and they have a hard time maintaining stable relationships.

  • He has a lot of anxiety, and he often has mood swings.

  • She is very neurotic, and she has a hard time maintaining stable relationships.

Definition of neuroticism


a mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction


neurosis, psychoneurosis

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Example Sentences for neuroticism

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    Self realization and neuroticism.

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    Symptoms are Self realization and neuroticism.

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    Neuroanatomical correlates of extraversion and neuroticism.

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    Gelotophobia correlates highly with introversion and neuroticism.

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    Nightmare frequency, nightmare distress and neuroticism.

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    It is closely related to the personality trait of neuroticism.

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    Neuroticism appears to be related to physiological differences in the brain.

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    Regional cerebral brain metabolism correlates of neuroticism and extraversion.