Neuron is a type of cells in the brain that are responsible for processing information. They are also responsible for sending signals to other cells.

  • The neuron that was damaged was responsible for processing information incorrectly.

  • All of the neuron's were damaged, which is why the patient was unable to process information.

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    Neurons are not the heaviest part of the brain.

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    The formation of nerve sheaths is crucial for the formation of neurons.

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    The resulting depolarization of the neuron stimulates it to signal the brain.

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    Afferent signals are sensory neuronal signals that ascend to the brain.

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    In the rat, pioneer neurons are only present in prenatal brains.

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    Degeneration of neuronal cells in the frontal lobe of the brain occurs.

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    A signal that overcomes the inhibition on the next neuron.

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    Axoplasm is the cytoplasm within the axon of a neuron.

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    Of the somatic efferent neurons, there exist subtypes.

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    Cutaneous receptors are at the ends of afferent neurons.