Nepotism is the practice of giving jobs or promotions to family members or friends. Nepotism is usually illegal, but it can sometimes be hard to fight because it's difficult to prove that someone was unfairly given a position.

  • The company is accused of nepotism because they gave the position to her son.

  • The politician is accused of nepotism because he's giving the jobs to his friends.

Definition of nepotism


favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power (as by giving them jobs)

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Example Sentences for nepotism

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    This ended the cronyism and nepotism present in prior administrations.

  • 2

    It seems to fit within the description of nepotism in the nepotism article.

  • 3

    The nepotism within the department is alarming.

  • 4

    The current method is nepotism in my opinion.

  • 5

    I want to avoid the obvious charges of nepotism.

  • 6

    Charges were made against him of dishonesty and of nepotism.

  • 7

    I feel extremely sensitive about the matter of nepotism.

  • 8

    Corruption in Jordan takes the form of nepotism, favouritism, and bribery.

  • 9

    The author has glossed over the allegations of Corruption and Nepotism.

  • 10

    The conclave believed he was strongly opposed to the nepotism then prevalent.