To narrated is to tell a story, usually with the use of voice-over. When you watch a movie or TV show, the narrator is usually telling the story while the actors are performing the scenes.

  • The narrator narrated the entire movie, which made it very long.

  • The narrator narrated the entire story, which made it very boring.

Definition of narrated


To relate (a story or series of events) in speech or writing.




To give an account.



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Example Sentences for narrated

  • 1

    This novel tells of the misfortunes of the narrator and his steward Pedro.

  • 2

    The narrator reads the third verse of the Quartet for the Dusk of Man.

  • 3

    The second verse of the opening poem is then read aloud by the narrator.

  • 4

    In it, the narrator tells of his rural upbringing, and the way he was raised.

  • 5

    Kenny is the narrator of the book.

  • 6

    He is the narrator of the story.

  • 7

    George is the narrator of the show.

  • 8

    The movie begins with the narration.

  • 9

    The narrator is the botanist Mendoza.

  • 10

    He is the narrator of much of the cycle.