Narcolepsy is a condition that causes people to fall asleep at random times. It is usually caused by a problem with the way the brain controls the muscles.

  • She has narcolepsy, which is why she falls asleep at inopportune times.

  • The patient was diagnosed with narcolepsy after falling asleep at his job interview.

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    The two rare conditions specified were narcolepsy and hyperactivity.

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    These may be associated with narcolepsy.

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    Portrayal of narcolepsy in popular culture.

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    Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder.

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    There are too many references to narcolepsy.

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    Most of the time HH are associated with narcolepsy.

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    Narcolepsy is an underdiagnosed condition in the general population.

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    They are often used in the treatment of hypersomnia and narcolepsy.

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    This seems like a mild form of narcolepsy.

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    But her area of expertise appears to be narcolepsy and hypersomnia.