To nag is to insistently ask someone to do something. Often, nagging is used to get someone to do something that they don't want to do.

  • She nagged him until he finally agreed to do the project.

  • She nags him about doing his chores every day, even though he already does them.

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Example Sentences for nagging

  • 1

    Don't continue to nag the dog.

  • 2

    The hooks nag, the choruses are explosive.

  • 3

    It will stop the automatic updates and the nag screen.

  • 4

    The negative interrogative is the same preceded by nag.

  • 5

    They have always nagged me as a writer.

  • 6

    If you're a bloke it's probably resentment at being nagged.

  • 7

    You should nag your man into losing weight.

  • 8

    You should not continue to nag me and my sister.

  • 9

    Even to the point of being called a gadfly, he kept nagging.

  • 10

    I nagged my parents daily about why I should get a dog.