Mystifying is adjective which means that something is difficult or impossible to understand. When you say that something is mystifying, you are saying that you don't understand it.

  • The mystery of the universe is still mystifying to us.

  • The mystery of the universe is something that we are still trying to figure out.

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Example Sentences for mystifying

  • 1

    Let's not mystify what it is.

  • 2

    U.S. politics mystify them even more than they mystify us.

  • 3

    It is always used to mystify me.

  • 4

    Outerbridge ready to mystify Oakville.

  • 5

    2013 schedule continues to mystify.

  • 6

    The changes of the story mystified people.

  • 7

    Chefs love to mystify their customers that way.

  • 8

    The cryptic remarks of the Evolutionary are no longer as mystifying.

  • 9

    The story always manages to mystify with its imagery.

  • 10

    It takes his legendary powers to decipher the mystifying threads of the case.