Mutuality is the idea that two things are related to each other in a positive way. When two people are mutualy involved in a relationship, they are usually happy and supportive.

  • The mutuality between the two students was evident in the way they interacted.

  • The mutuality between the company and its employees is important to its success.

Definition of mutuality


a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)


interdependence, interdependency


a reciprocality of sentiments



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Example Sentences for mutuality

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    It was a mutual misanthropic rage.

  • 2

    The acrimony was apparently mutual.

  • 3

    Mutualism is clearly on the individualist branch.

  • 4

    Neither is mutually exclusive of the other.

  • 5

    None of the definitions are mutually exclusive.

  • 6

    That mutuality establishes a permission to communicate.

  • 7

    The break up was mutual and amicable.

  • 8

    The choosing of the name was a mutual decision.

  • 9

    The difficulty is that the definitions are not mutually exclusive.

  • 10

    The mutualism section partly clarifies this.