A motivator is something that helps you to stay motivated. Sometimes people use the word to refer to something that makes you feel excited or enthusiastic about something.

  • The motivator for the project was the deadline.

  • The motivator for the workout was the feeling of accomplishment.

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Example Sentences for motivator

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    That was the motivation for the clause.

  • 2

    The difference is in the motive.

  • 3

    Projected systems could be motivated according to desire of the motivator.

  • 4

    It is good for the intro to be motivational.

  • 5

    It was all in the motivation of the seller.

  • 6

    Money is not the only motivator.

  • 7

    It explains the motivation of the article.

  • 8

    The motive of the crime was revenge.

  • 9

    The motive of the murder was the avenge.

  • 10

    There are no clues to the motives of the hijackers.