Motherly means caring and protective. When you call someone motherly, you are saying that they are caring and protective towards you.

  • She was very motherly when she was hugging me.

  • She was acting motherly by cooking for me.

Definition of motherly


in a maternal manner; as a mother




befitting a mother; warm and nurturing

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Example Sentences for motherly

  • 1

    The sight of a kite makes the hen a motherly fowl.

  • 2

    The sight of a kite makes the hen a fighting cock the motherly fowl.

  • 3

    That wasn't a very motherly exchange.

  • 4

    A normal looking motherly woman.

  • 5

    The character is initially introduced in a motherly role.

  • 6

    She often played bullying motherly characters.

  • 7

    Clover was a motherly mare approaching middle life.

  • 8

    Amihan grows up beautiful, mature and motherly.

  • 9

    And to find a motherly figure after all these years.

  • 10

    As the darkness comes, the motherly echo devolves into a sinister drone.