When the moon is not visible, it's called a moonless night. This means that there is no light from the moon, which means that it is very dark.

  • It was a moonless night, and the only light came from the stars.

  • The moonless night made it difficult to see.

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    In addition, it was a moonless night.

  • 2

    Dhumavati is associated with the moonless night.

  • 3

    The show is always better on a moonless night.

  • 4

    The night sky was moonless with between and of visibility.

  • 5

    It was a moonless night once the sun went down.

  • 6

    And inside the sweating eyes there is only the reflection of a moonless night.

  • 7

    The fleet sailed north from Lilybaeum in a moonless night.

  • 8

    The night was moonless, and after dark a thunderstorm came up.

  • 9

    Heavy rains and a moonless night provided some cover for the escaping Spanish.

  • 10

    Again your bias shines like a light house on a clear moonless night.