When someone is monopolized, they have control over a particular market or area. This means that they are the only person or company that can sell or produce a particular product.

  • The company is monopolized by the government.

  • The company is monopolized by the company that created the vaccine.

Definition of monopolized


To have a monopoly on something


To dominate or to get total control of something by excluding everyone else

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Example Sentences for monopolized

  • 1

    That is not consensus, it is monopolization.

  • 2

    That's attempted monopolization of the article.

  • 3

    A fair amount of monopolization is ongoing.

  • 4

    They monopolize the beauty supply business.

  • 5

    This monopolization issue is getting ridiculous.

  • 6

    We are trying to monopolize the name.

  • 7

    You would object to monopolization.

  • 8

    No one is trying to monopolize the Bible name of Macedonia.

  • 9

    This is the monopolization of history and shows great symptoms of fondness.

  • 10

    Why are topics without these sources vulnerable to monopolization