To monetize something is to turn it into a source of income. You might monetize a company by selling its stock, or you might monetize a piece of land by selling it to a developer.

  • The company is trying to monetize its new software by selling it to the government.

  • The company is trying to monetize its new website by charging people for access.

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    In essence, the Fed is monetizing the debt.

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    It is however part of the bibliography in Monet.

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    The juxtaposition with the Monet in the article is brilliant.

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    Russian social welfare monetization of 2005.

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    Thanks for the addition to the article on Claude Monet.

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    Monet noticed this subject on a casual walk.

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    The question is what is the process of Monetizing the Receivable

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    This readily devolves into monetization from within.

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    For example, the monetization of certain impacts on human health.

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    I doubt they're trying to monetize it or anything...