When someone misinterprets something, they think that what they are saying is something that it isn't. They might think that the person they are talking to understands what they are saying when they really don't.

  • He misinterpretsed the meaning of her words and became angry.

  • She misinterpretsed his words and thought that he was insulting her.

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Example Sentences for misinterpreting

  • 1

    It was misinterpreted in the media.

  • 2

    The translator misinterprets most of it.

  • 3

    Misinterpretted handwriting could be the source of the discrepancy.

  • 4

    I guess the editor misinterpret the information.

  • 5

    It may derive by misinterpretation of the German Meerrettich as mare radish.

  • 6

    I misinterpretted the combination of the edit summary and the link breaking.

  • 7

    In the darkened theater, the women misinterpret what the man is doing.

  • 8

    The misinterpretation gave way to my brief quip to you.

  • 9

    This process gave the inquisitor the opportunity to misinterpret her answers.

  • 10

    It was important people didn't misinterpret the benefits of using SPF50 sunscreen.