When something bad happens to you, it's called misfortune. Misfortune can be anything from getting a bad grade to getting involved in a car accident.

  • She was unlucky enough to get a bad grade on her test.

  • The car accident was unlucky for all of the people involved.

Definition of misfortune


an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes


bad luck, ill luck, tough luck


unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event


bad luck

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Example Sentences for misfortune

  • 1

    Vandalism is the misfortune, not the block.

  • 2

    I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes.

  • 3

    Unfortunately, the Revolution brought misfortune for the two.

  • 4

    In astrology, Denebola was believed to portend misfortune and disgrace.

  • 5

    He endured a veritable odyssey of indigence and misfortune.

  • 6

    The first half of the Heat's season was full of misfortune.

  • 7

    This party had suffered misfortune at the hands of the Blackfoot.

  • 8

    To complete the misfortune, the population was decimated by the plague in 1668.

  • 9

    If practiced out of order, one attracts disharmony and misfortune.

  • 10

    The basics of these prayers focus on deliverance from misfortune and danger.