A misfire is when a gun doesn't fire the way that it's supposed to. A misfire can happen when the gun is loaded or when the bullet is in the gun.

  • The gun misfired on the first shot.

  • The bullet misfired when it hit the target.

Definition of misfiring


To fail to discharge properly.


(of an engine) To fail to ignite in the proper sequence.


(by extension) To fail to achieve the anticipated result.


The situation where something misfires.

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Example Sentences for misfiring

  • 1

    His pistol misfired and the attempt was unsuccessful.

  • 2

    Then he pulled the trigger, but the pistol misfired.

  • 3

    The condition that causes this is a misfire.

  • 4

    Can gun reform misfire

  • 5

    The soldier seriously wounded by misfire.

  • 6

    What happens in the case of a misfire

  • 7

    It is used to clear the gun after a misfire.

  • 8

    He pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired.

  • 9

    The cannon misfired and exploded on the first shot.

  • 10

    The car continued to misfire on the second attempt.