A misfire is when a gun or other device that is supposed to fire bullets doesn't actually do so. This can be a very dangerous situation, because the gun could start shooting things that weren't supposed to be shot.

  • The gun misfired during the test, and instead of shooting the target, it shot the dummy.

  • The bomb misfired, and instead of going off, it just made a lot of noise.

Definition of misfire


an explosion that fails to occur




a failure to hit (or meet or find etc)




fail to fire or detonate

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Example Sentences for misfire

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    His pistol misfired and the attempt was unsuccessful.

  • 2

    Then he pulled the trigger, but the pistol misfired.

  • 3

    The condition that causes this is a misfire.

  • 4

    Can gun reform misfire

  • 5

    The soldier seriously wounded by misfire.

  • 6

    What happens in the case of a misfire

  • 7

    It is used to clear the gun after a misfire.

  • 8

    He pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired.

  • 9

    The cannon misfired and exploded on the first shot.

  • 10

    The car continued to misfire on the second attempt.