When something is miniscule, it is small and insignificant. It might not be very good or important, and it might not be worth your time to deal with it.

  • The miniscule problem was solved by a tiny change in the policy.

  • The miniscule problem was not solved at all, and it's now getting worse.

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Example Sentences for miniscule

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    It was a miniscule detail of the source.

  • 2

    The actual numbers are miniscule.

  • 3

    The fraction would be miniscule.

  • 4

    The user community is miniscule.

  • 5

    The verifiable content is miniscule.

  • 6

    I remember that the town was miniscule.

  • 7

    The difference in rules is basically miniscule.

  • 8

    The number of Dutch speakers is miniscule.

  • 9

    Baptists are not miniscule, but make up on the largest groups in the US.

  • 10

    Brit Hume is a miniscule man when considered in the history of the world.