To milder something is to make it less intense or harsh. When you milder a sauce, you are reducing the amount of ingredients that are used.

  • The sauce is milder with the addition of the onions.

  • The government is trying to milder the economy by spending money.

Definition of milder


Gentle and not easily angered.


(of a rule or punishment) Of only moderate severity; not strict.


Not overly felt or seriously intended.


(of an illness or pain) Not serious or dangerous.


(of weather) Moderately warm, especially less cold than expected.


(of a medicine or cosmetic) Acting gently and without causing harm.


(of food, drink, or a drug) Not sharp or bitter; not strong in flavor.

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Example Sentences for milder

  • 1

    The taste is mild.

  • 2

    The taste was mild.

  • 3

    Autumns are mild, with increasing dampness.

  • 4

    Mildness is not directly related to moisturising.

  • 5

    The climate in the village is mild and Mediterranean.

  • 6

    They are frequently classified as mild and flavorful.

  • 7

    This was causing mild gastritis to me.

  • 8

    Along the coast the climate is mild and pleasant.

  • 9

    Along the coast, the climate is mild and pleasant.

  • 10

    Autumns are cool to mild, with increasing dampness.