To methodically do something is to do it in a careful, orderly way. You might methodically sweep the floor, or you might methodically cook a meal.

  • He methodically went through the file cabinet, looking for the document that he was looking for.

  • She methodically cleaned the kitchen, starting with the kitchen table.

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Example Sentences for methodically

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    The killings were organized and methodical.

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    A similar method is used to find the integral of secant.

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    Methodical and organized, he was quite different from the familiar healers.

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    The method for decrypting is identical to the method for encryption.

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    The method used is the instant shaping method.

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    The midpoint method is a refinement of the Euler's method.

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    The most used method is the appraisal method.

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    This method of brainstorming works by the method of association.

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    The Baconian method introduced the empirical scientific method.

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    A preferred straight oxidation method is the photosensitized oxygenation method.