Metaphorical means that something is not really what it seems. For example, when you say that the sky is blue, you are using a metaphor. The sky is not actually blue.

  • The metaphor in the poem is that the sky is like a mother who is always there for her children.

  • The metaphor in the poem is that the sky is like a safe place where the children can play.

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Example Sentences for metaphorical

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    I am aware of the metaphorical meaning of the statement.

  • 2

    Are we to rid our language of simile and metaphor and generalisations

  • 3

    The metaphorical implications are obvious.

  • 4

    The miltary ranks are metaphorical.

  • 5

    The name is merely metaphorical.

  • 6

    The allusion to sexuality in Jannah is metaphorical.

  • 7

    The fall is both actual and metaphorical.

  • 8

    The rainbow inspires metaphor and simile.

  • 9

    The table shows the general metaphor.

  • 10

    This is represented by the extended metaphor of the Holocaust.