Metamorphosing is the process of changing from one form to another. This can take many different forms, including changing your appearance, your personality, or your behavior.

  • The plant was metamorphosing into a different kind of tree.

  • The caterpillar was metamorphosing into a butterfly.

Definition of metamorphosing


(of a moth or insect) To undergo metamorphosis.


(by extension) To undergo some transformation.


To transform (something) so that it has a completely different appearance.

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Example Sentences for metamorphosing

  • 1

    Metamorphose symbolizes the transformation from human to angel.

  • 2

    Now the village has metamorphosed.

  • 3

    Did the latter metamorphose into the former

  • 4

    It's time to move on and metamorphose to the next stage.

  • 5

    The mythical metamorphoses of the trees in the grove are described.

  • 6

    The oldest rocks are Proterozoic, metamorphosed sediments.

  • 7

    With few exceptions, men are metamorphosed into monkeys.

  • 8

    He had hired the Jew to perform the metamorphoses.

  • 9

    The larvae of this limpet species settle and metamorphose on the algal frond.

  • 10

    Swammerdam also recognized that not all insects metamorphose in the same way.