The messiest thing is usually the thing that causes the most problems. The messiest things usually involve a lot of dirt, mud, or other materials that are difficult to clean.

  • The messiest part of the party was the kitchen, where everything got dirty.

  • The messiest part of the house is the basement, where there is always a lot of dirt and dust.

Definition of messiest


(of a place, situation, person, etc) In a disorderly state; chaotic; disorderly.


(of a person) Prone to causing mess.


(of a situation) Difficult or unpleasant to deal with.

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Example Sentences for messiest

  • 1

    The definition of the term is messy.

  • 2

    The organization is kind of messy.

  • 3

    The setting was quite messy.

  • 4

    Messi deserves to supersede me.

  • 5

    I apologize for the messiness of the article.

  • 6

    The beginning of the article is very messy.

  • 7

    The headings are quite garish and messy.

  • 8

    The equilibrium distributions are the least messy of all.

  • 9

    It breaks up the flow of the text and looks messy.

  • 10

    Please forgive the messiness of the article and help refine it.