Meritocratic means based on merit. This means that the people who are chosen to do something based on their skills and abilities, rather than their social status or their connections.

  • The meritocratic principle is the basis of the government.

  • The meritocratic system is based on the idea that everyone has the potential to be successful.

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    The lower house is not meritocratic.

  • 2

    I'm in favour of democracy with a meritocratic flavour.

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    So it is a meritocratic system considerably modified.

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    Meritocratic is a neologism, aristocratic is rule by the best.

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    It should however be democratic, open and meritocratic.

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    Generally, the Necromonger society appears to be a meritocratic dictatorship.

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    I am also happy as you try to be meritocratic.

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    Its not the best article, but I agree strongly w all things meritocratic.

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    The efforts of men such as Thompson were fundamental in transforming Trinity College and indeed Cambridge University into truly meritocratic institutions.