To memorize something is to remember it very well. You might memorize a poem or a list of words.

  • She had to memorize the entire poem for the test.

  • He is trying to memorize the names and addresses of all of the city council members.

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Example Sentences for memorization

  • 1

    The scene of the movie was memorable.

  • 2

    Memorization is usually a requirement in Declamation.

  • 3

    He memorized the words by rote.

  • 4

    He had memorized the book.

  • 5

    The lawspeaker was obliged to memorize the law.

  • 6

    Archie makes a memorable trip to the optician.

  • 7

    It was his only memorable utterance of the outing.

  • 8

    It was one of the memorable jaunts in my life.

  • 9

    I memorized every state capital.

  • 10

    The declarative memory memorizes facts, and information.