Melanin is a substance that is found in the skin and hair of people of different races. It is responsible for the color of those skin and hair colors.

  • Many people have dark skin because they have a lot of melanin.

  • Many people have light hair because they have a lot of melanin in the hair follicles.

Definition of melanin


insoluble pigments that account for the color of e.g. skin and scales and feathers

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Example Sentences for melanin

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    It causes sunburn and it triggers the production of melanin.

  • 2

    Tyrosine is also the precursor to the pigment melanin.

  • 3

    The presence of melanin in feathers increases their resistance to abrasion.

  • 4

    Melanin is melanin in skin color.

  • 5

    He thought the pigment was melanin.

  • 6

    Melanin is a stable free radical.

  • 7

    Norepinephrine also is associated with melanin.

  • 8

    It has to do with melanin and addiction.

  • 9

    Being black is not a 'melanin imbalance'.

  • 10

    But it also describes melanin as a polyacetylene.