To medicate is to give someone medication to make them feel better. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of eating or drinking something.

  • He was going to medicate himself with a cup of coffee.

  • She was going to medicate herself with a glass of wine.

Definition of medicate


treat medicinally, treat with medicine




impregnate with a medicinal substance

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Example Sentences for medicate

  • 1

    Medically, it can be used for the treatment.

  • 2

    He is a lecturer of pharmaceutics at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences.

  • 3

    The mainstay of treatment of epilepsy is anticonvulsant medications.

  • 4

    The most common treatment is the acne medication isotretinoin.

  • 5

    The chiropodist did not apply the medical treatments to the yound lady.

  • 6

    Li fled to the United States under the pretense of seeking medical treatment.

  • 7

    They function as miniature drug companies and no longer specifically formulate a medication to a specific patient's need.

  • 8

    It seems as if the solution is to medicate.

  • 9

    It's the medical term for rabies.

  • 10

    The problem for me is the medication.