meddling is a verb meaning to interfere in a situation that is not your own. It is usually done in a harmful or destructive way.

  • The parents were meddling when they started to get involved in the students' lives.

  • The teacher was meddling when she started to criticize the students.

Definition of meddling


intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner


busy, busybodied, interfering, meddlesome, officious


the act of altering something secretly or improperly



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Example Sentences for meddling

  • 1

    He meddled in the conversation.

  • 2

    The people meddle in the middle of a process.

  • 3

    It's not just that the state wanted to meddle in the church.

  • 4

    The band is playing the song at the meddle of fans.

  • 5

    The state should meddle into such gruesome barbarism.

  • 6

    By the way, I'm against the US meddling with Arabia.

  • 7

    I did not invite stranger to the article to meddle.

  • 8

    I just did a bit of meddling with the critics.

  • 9

    Does anybody have the courage to meddle in the pickle

  • 10

    A busybody is someone who meddles into the affairs of others.