Measurably is adverbially. When you say that something is measurably different, you are saying that it is different in a way that can be measured.

  • The temperature was measurably colder outside.

  • The test was measurably harder than the practice test.

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Example Sentences for measurably

  • 1

    The measurable quantity is recalculated.

  • 2

    The quantities on the right all are directly measurable.

  • 3

    The meter then measures the color of the strip optically.

  • 4

    It details the quantities involved in measuring the visibility of interference.

  • 5

    The dimension of the measure is the product of payload quantity and the length.

  • 6

    The difficulty in measuring the meter was the error in fringe counting.

  • 7

    The type of spectroscopy depends on the physical quantity being measured.

  • 8

    Another meter measures the instantaneous value of the radiation intensity.

  • 9

    The most common type of meter measures kilowatt hours.

  • 10

    The amount of cholesterol solubilized by the serum is then measured.