mattered is an adverb that means that the thing that is being described is very important.

  • The matter is very important to me.

  • The matter is of great importance to the government.

Definition of mattered


To be important.


(in negative constructions) To care about, to mind; to find important.


To form pus or matter, as an abscess; to maturate.

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Example Sentences for mattered

  • 1

    The subject matter is deserving of coverage.

  • 2

    The subject matter is of foliage and flowers.

  • 3

    The subject matter is practically the same.

  • 4

    The sexism issue is a matter of opinion.

  • 5

    Consider the nature and quantity of the subject matter.

  • 6

    The familiarity with the subject matter is 'greatly' appreciated.

  • 7

    The separation of the articles suits the subject matter.

  • 8

    The subject matter is the orbital mechanics of the orbits.

  • 9

    The subject matter of the cases was often whimsical.

  • 10

    It's kinda workmanlike, but the subject matter is perfect for you.