Mathematically means in a mathematical way. When you say that something is mathematically impossible, you mean that it is impossible for something to happen in a way that is consistent with the laws of mathematics.

  • The experiment cannot be mathematically done because the data is not consistent with the theory.

  • The problem cannot be mathematically solved because there are an infinite number of solutions.

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Example Sentences for mathematically

  • 1

    He is the teacher of Mathematics in the school.

  • 2

    Calculating the undulation factor is mathematically challenging.

  • 3

    He tried to remember the formula in the mathematics exam.

  • 4

    The same goes for the apprehension of mathematical formulae or a number.

  • 5

    Mr Loose was a Mathematics teacher before taking on the role of school Bursar.

  • 6

    Mathematics is not reducible to logic.

  • 7

    Mathematics is the language of the universe.

  • 8

    The conflict is not mathematically reconcilable.

  • 9

    The mathematical derivation is in the article.

  • 10

    The mathematics is essentially the same.