A matchup is a contest between two teams or two people. The two teams or the two people will be trying to do the same things, but the one that is better at doing those things will usually win.

  • The basketball team was facing off against their rivals in a matchup.

  • The candidate was facing off against their opponents in a matchup.

Definition of matchup


the pairing of people or things as for comparison or competition



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Example Sentences for matchup

  • 1

    The challenger connected with an atomic drop in the starting of the matchup.

  • 2

    These are the 10 Best potential world series matchups.

  • 3

    I've added fields for the previous season's matchup and the next matchup.

  • 4

    The matchups in the repechage are not known.

  • 5

    They would lose to Tennessee in this matchup.

  • 6

    Friday's matchup was eerily very similar.

  • 7

    I think it would be a good matchup.

  • 8

    Please try to make the sections matchup.

  • 9

    Missouri seems like a tough matchup.

  • 10

    Arlovski does not have an announced matchup.