To massage something is to rub it gently with your hands. Massage can be used to relieve pain, to relax the body, or to improve the circulation.

  • She was massaged before she went to bed.

  • He massaged her neck and shoulders to relieve her of the pain.

Definition of massaged


To rub and knead (someone's body or a part of a body), to perform a massage on (somebody).


To manipulate (data, a document etc.) to make it more presentable or more convenient to work with.


To falsify (data or accounts).

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Example Sentences for massaged

  • 1

    But the massage should be done by the expert and tactful massage practitioner.

  • 2

    The massage therapist applies aromatheraphy oil throughout the massage.

  • 3

    Lomilomi is the traditional massage of Hawaii.

  • 4

    The massage sounds wonderful, by the way.

  • 5

    This is the foot portion of the Japanese massage technique.

  • 6

    The stones are used in two ways during the massage.

  • 7

    The heat generated by the friction of the massage will also relax the body.

  • 8

    The last person in the sauna is the loser and receives a painful massage.

  • 9

    This step is required in order to make the cat accept the massage.

  • 10

    Another is a hypnotist and massage therapist who does homeopathy on the side.