To massacre is to kill a large number of people. This might be done intentionally or it might be done because it's the only way to stop the enemy from attacking.

  • The army massacred the entire village in order to take their supplies.

  • The war went on for years, and the army was massacring entire villages in order to find the rebels.

Definition of massacring


To kill in considerable numbers where little or no resistance can be made, with indiscriminate violence, without necessity, and contrary to civilized norms. (Often limited to the killing of human beings.)


To win so decisively it is in the manner of so slaughtering one's opponent.


To give a performance so poorly it is in the manner of so slaughtering the musical piece, play etc being performed.


A massacre.

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Example Sentences for massacring

  • 1

    The massacre resulted in the murder of 8 foreigners.

  • 2

    The extent of the massacres is obvious from the banality of the murder.

  • 3

    The leader of the town was killed, but no massacre or enslavement followed.

  • 4

    The massacre resulted in the murder of 8 Copts and 1 Muslim bystander.

  • 5

    This was the spark for the massacre.

  • 6

    The soldier massacres the defenders.

  • 7

    At the time of the massacre I was reluctant.

  • 8

    At the time of the massacre, I was reluctant.

  • 9

    The fact of the Massacre of Pantasma is not deniable.

  • 10

    The massacre destabilized the local scene.