A mariachi band is a group of musicians who play traditional Mexican music. They often wear traditional Mexican clothing and makeup, and they play on traditional Mexican instruments.

  • The mariachi band was playing traditional Mexican music for the wedding.

  • The mariachi band played a variety of traditional Mexican songs at the party.

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    Interest in mariachi music was waning.

  • 2

    This makes Desperado the sequel to El Mariachi, not a remake.

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    There is a museum of this mariachi in Tecalitlan.

  • 4

    Mariachi is featured throughout the show.

  • 5

    And her sixth album with mariachi.

  • 6

    And the first album in the Mariachi music.

  • 7

    In the 1970s interest in mariachi music was waning.

  • 8

    Is the fifth album recorded by Lucero with mariachi.

  • 9

    The attack is an obvious ode to the Mariachi Trilogy.

  • 10

    This was Carr's first recording with mariachi accompaniment.