A mangy animal is one that is not healthy or well-groomed. A mangy animal might have patches of fur that are not properly groomed, or it might have a bad odor.

  • The dog was looking very mangy, with patches of fur that were not properly groomed.

  • The house was full of mangy cats.

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Example Sentences for mangy

  • 1

    If there was a mangy coyote, you took care of it.

  • 2

    She was wearing a mangy yellow coat.

  • 3

    Her mangy coat is sleek and black as night.

  • 4

    After mangy month, nothing is better than taking a shower.

  • 5

    In some dialects, this is also used for mangy or stringy animals, or fowl.

  • 6

    Gorellik appears as a tall mangy gnoll or as a mottled white hyenadon.

  • 7

    This upsets a mangy guard dog, which gets into a scuffle with the snowman.

  • 8

    Mangy dogs and livestock would be a common sight, even on city streets.

  • 9

    Should he give that mangy, rabies infested alley cat a hug

  • 10

    How did we become such a dirty, harried, mangy shadow of ourself