Malevolence is a very strong feeling of hatred or anger towards someone. It's usually reserved for someone who has done you harm or who you believe has done harm to you.

  • He had a malevolent expression on his face.

  • The malevolent aura was spreading throughout the room.

Definition of malevolence


the quality of threatening evil


malevolency, malice


wishing evil to others



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Example Sentences for malevolence

  • 1

    The Greek term does not have any connotations of evil or malevolence.

  • 2

    It is totally innocent of malevolence.

  • 3

    The beast was believed to be purely malevolent.

  • 4

    The man is clever, perseverant, and malevolent.

  • 5

    Malevolence doesn't make the sentence nonsensical.

  • 6

    She's popular despite her malevolence.

  • 7

    The are malevolent spirits that dwell in the Sanzu River.

  • 8

    The malevolent spirit entered his body.

  • 9

    The rest is false, malevolent and simply disgusting.

  • 10

    Their facial expressions depict gleeful malevolence.