A maladaptive behavior is one that is not normal or healthy. Some examples of maladaptive behaviors are eating disorders, drug abuse, and suicide.

  • The child has a maladaptive eating disorder, which means that he is not eating the right amount of food.

  • The student has a maladaptive pattern of drug use, which means that he is using drugs in a way that is not healthy for him.

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    Except perhaps as an maladaptive side effect.

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    It distinguishes between adaptive and maladaptive perfectionism.

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    This maladaptive change, or counter productive behavior.

  • 4

    It is sociologically maladaptive to be so driven to squelch this article.

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    The lowest six levels refer to maladaptive behaviour.

  • 6

    The handicap principle explains why it isn't maladaptive.

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    For the finite population of post mitotic neurons, this would be maladaptive.

  • 8

    Reflect on how the behavior is more maladaptive than adaptive.

  • 9

    A non team work approach to this, sounds rather maladaptive.

  • 10

    There is controversy over whether self enhancement is adaptive or maladaptive.