To maim someone is to injure them so that they can't do their job or function properly. Maiming can happen in a variety of ways, from cutting them with a knife to breaking their bones.

  • The soldier was maimed during the battle.

  • The construction worker was maimed when he was injured.

Definition of maimed


people who are wounded




having a part of the body crippled or disabled



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Example Sentences for maimed

  • 1

    The wounded are now permanently maimed.

  • 2

    Eric was maimed, but Paul did not survive the blast.

  • 3

    In that same period, scores died and hundreds were maimed.

  • 4

    It cannot include the right to deliberately kill or maim civilians.

  • 5

    We are talking about the death and maiming of actual people.

  • 6

    The Aara was a coiled sword which could maim and kill enemies.

  • 7

    Fredon is forced to intervene and maims one cop and kills the other.

  • 8

    Guns are not scarecrows, they're meant to damage, maim and kill things.

  • 9

    The hind legs can also be used to kill or maim with devastating effect.

  • 10

    They were waiting, he said, to dine on the smaller birds maimed or killed by the building.