Lurked means to stay hidden, to stay out of sight. When you lurk in the shadows, you are waiting to attack.

  • The tiger lurked in the bushes, waiting to pounce on its prey.

  • The spy lurked in the shadows, watching the enemy without being seen.

Definition of lurked


To remain concealed in order to ambush.


To remain unobserved.


To hang out or wait around a location, preferably without drawing attention to oneself.


To view an internet forum without posting comments.


To saddle (a person) with an undesirable task or duty.

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Example Sentences for lurked

  • 1

    Behind the web, the killer is lurking.

  • 2

    In the background, the Sakaarian rebels lurk.

  • 3

    Ghosts of the past lurk everywhere.

  • 4

    These are the bugs and creatures that lurk around in the woods.

  • 5

    The other 800 are causal visitors that lurk in the background.

  • 6

    They have no idea of the truths and the dangers that lurk close.

  • 7

    Crookdingo is a specter lurking in between the now and the ideal future.

  • 8

    A bulk of the users lurk in the background and say very little.

  • 9

    The criminals lurking the cities in secrecy must steal weapons.

  • 10

    This image is art lurking under the auspice of mathematic and science.