The lunchroom is a room in a school or office where students and employees can eat their lunch. It usually has tables and chairs, and there is usually a refrigerator and a microwave.

  • The lunchroom is usually open from 12pm to 2pm.

  • The lunchroom is usually very crowded, because it's the busiest time of day.

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Example Sentences for lunchroom

  • 1

    The lunchroom was full of students jabbering and eating their lunch.

  • 2

    It also has one main lunchroom and one senior lunchroom.

  • 3

    One of the classrooms was used for a lunchroom.

  • 4

    Around 1946 there was a need for a lunchroom.

  • 5

    It also acts as a lunchroom for the Rock Raiders.

  • 6

    The auditorium stage also served as the lunchroom.

  • 7

    The plan is to stir the seeds into the food in the lunchroom.

  • 8

    The lunchroom was moved to the boys side of the old dormitory.

  • 9

    On the second floor there were conveyer belts and a staff lunchroom.

  • 10

    On the second floor there were conveyor belts and a staff lunchroom.